Milan International Culture Festival will feature an exclusive one-day lifestyle and cultural exhibition, which includes a fashion show with performance elements. MICF will showcase an Exhibition Section, Runway Show Section, and an exuberant media package that will be a treat for the viewers, guests, and attendees. The main target of the Milan International Culture Festival is to bring together the traditional and modern aspects of Art, Culture & Lifestyle from around the world. The festival is known for its ethnically and culturally highlighted fashion shows, lifestyle exhibitions, and artists’ performances. We bring in international performers, designers and celebrities from South Asia, UK, USA, Canada, and the Middle East. Artists like couture designers, makeup artists, henna artists, jewelry designers, accessory designers, furniture/interior designers can exhibit their work alongside. We encourage retailers to become part of our festival by participating in the exhibitions that are held along with the fashion show


Before becoming one of the most important fashion capitals in the world, Milan has been
a scene for art, theatre, and performance.
Cultural capital, therefore, we can not find a better place to present a cultural fusion one of it’s kind. South East meets the heart of Europe to celebrate its lifestyle and culture.Dance performances, craft shows, and acrobatic magic as a context for the catwalk, where fashion takes a new role – the ambassador to the heritage of Pakistan.


We are offering exhibition prepared booths and stands for sponsors, lifestyle brands, craftsmen, jewelers, upcoming fashion talents [clothing and accessories]. The exhibition space is also facilitated for the digital experience.


We are making the coverage of the fashion show [pictures and video] in partnership with the biggest Pakistan TV channel HUM TV. Thebiggest entertainment TV channel and most watched Pakistani channel globally.

They are curating projects like Bridal Couture Week, Pakistan Fashion Week, HUM Style Awards, as well as they are the media partner to all major fashion events in South Asia.

Dubai Fashion TV – an international 24/7 TV and Web network exclusively dedicated to glamour, fashion & lifestyle, and sets the highest standard for excellence.

 Fash Weekly – Canadian Fashion magazineAnd the list goes on, as we are eager to welcome as many International media representative




We have created a platform for international market to exhibit talent and services. This platform facilitates international business and community relationship.

Current event is happening on “invitation only” bases, while the exhibition throughout the day is open to the public. Media personalities, dignitaries, politicians and diplomats, local and international sponsors are on our “VIP Guest list”. 


We are bringing on board biggest hot Pakistani talents in performance art and design, as well as ambassador attendees for the show. That includes big names in acting, singing, dancing, modeling and fashion design. Some of the names are:


Porta Genova/ Navigli/ Tortona/

Capacity up to 300 people

Lights, SMD screens, Media booth, Theatrical sitting,
Performance maintenance [hoop, stage]



Despite taking Pakistani top models and show stopper talents – the casting for the runway will be done in Milan, scheduled with the fittings. The event would acquire 15 female and 5 male models scouted through Milan agencies.

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