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One of the most exciting aspects of filmmaking is putting together your video production equipment package. Keep in mind, there is no “one size fits all” equipment package for everyone since there are so many variables (budget, type of project, locations, pro vs amateur, etc), so what we have tried to do on this page is cover some basic gear you may want to consider.

Documentary Video Production Equipment Package and
Gear List:

Below is a video production equipment list for the beginner filmmaker. This is simply a starter guide in your search for some basic filmmaking gear.A great place to start is with a video camera and build from there.

Video Camera

A video camera is the centerpiece of your filmmaking gear package. What camera you choose depends on your budget, the type of shooting you’re doing (static, stealth, run-and-gun, etc.) and where you plan to showcase your film (web-only, theater, broadcast, etc). You can shoot a documentary on anything from your iPhone to a DSLR to a top of line digital cinema camera such as the RED. Whatever camera you choose, make sure you capture excellent audio.


A necessary piece of equipment to keep your footage looking steady and professional.

Get a tripod with a fluid head for smoother looking pans.

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